Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"You cry when you have a baby, not when you get hair extensions."

Or so says my hair stylist Jennifer.

But I'm gonna be honest with you... when she turned me around and I saw my old self looking back at me from the mirror, I bawled. This hair loss drama has hit me hard. I had completely stopped caring about my appearance. I didn't care what I was wearing and I didn't even do my makeup anymore (anyone that knows me knows that is ALARMING!). My self esteem was in the toilet. Who knew hair could be so important?

Here they are! My Klix Extensions.

Even after the consultation and all the way up to getting the extensions in, I didn't believe that it was going to work. You can see right on my face how doubtful I was.

Here I am seeing it for the first time. That look you see is silent awe.

Look at my long flowing locks! I was so scared to wash them and style my hair myself, but it was nothin'.

I've got a ponytail again! .
You can get a handmade headband like mine here

I feel like I'm physically carrying myself differently, or maybe I'm just back to me again. I don't know if I can ever put my gratitude into words. She saved my self esteem.

And she's not fooling anyone. She totally had tears in her eyes too.

So run, ye masses of women, run straight to Jennifer! Throw yourselves and your money at her so she can make you as happy as she made me.