Friday, March 18, 2011

3/4 of a Year

Someone is 9 months old. Someone thinks they're hot stuff.

Fifi says, "ME! HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She LOVES bath time with her Sissy and thinks that it is absolutely the time to try out independent standing. If you can stand in a slippery tub without knocking yourself out, YOU.ARE.BIG.STUFF.

She's already been standing and walking around hanging on to the furniture for about a month.

One of the biggest differences between Zofia and Athena as a baby is food consumption. Athena was fairly indifferent to food as an infant. In fact, I'm fairly certain she'd still be living on breastmilk if I let her. Zofia, on the other hand, began swiping food off of plates at 5 months. Her desires and actions led me to the baby led weaning approach, where you let the baby feed themselves right off the bat. This goes against everything we've been taught by OUR mothers. No more purees or baby mush. You trust your baby to feed themselves, hand them a piece of food, and let them go to town. I WANT to trust Zofia's judgement that she can handle that waffle, but how seriously can I take her when she also tries to eat power cords and dog feet?? It's a work in progress. 

"Eggs?? Wha....?"

"Purees are fo suckas!"

"Yeah. Lemme do it. That's better."

We're still learning as we're going. Just because she's my second one doesn't mean I feel like a pro. I still need all the advice I can get. Baby led weaning intimidates me a little, and we do NOT have the sleeping thing down. In due time, right?