Wednesday, March 16, 2011


For some time now I've had a sneaking suspicion that the ladies were out to get me. Was it just lack of sleep making me paranoid? I didn't want to seem crazy(er) so I didn't say anything, but there was mounting evidence:

The staggered nighttime wake-ups to make sure I never sleep.
The simultaneous poops.
Never napping together.
The ENTIRE MONTH that they passed Croup and shit back and forth.
The simultaneous freak-outs.

Well now it's been confirmed that they are, in fact, working together. I was laying flat on my back on the floor from complete and utter exhaustion. Zofia crawled up and laid down on my right arm. Athena scooted up and sat down on my left arm. I thought they were being cuddly until, with arms pinned down, Athena jammed a feather duster in my mouth.

Yep. Working together.