Monday, April 11, 2011

Every girl needs fashion advice from her friends...

...and since my dearest lovelies are all here, I pose this question to you.

Since hitting 30 I've become more aware of the appearance of other mommies. In certain situations I look around and wonder why these other mommies look so much more mature than me. I wonder how they make the jump from shopping at, say, Forever 21 to shopping at Chico's. (Not that there's anything WRONG with Chico's. I just think it's the epitome of fine, classy, middle-aged lady shopping.) Is it a slow transition or can it just happen overnight?

My personal quandary today? Bathing suits. The ones I have been drawn to the last few years are VERY different from the suits of summers past. Here are the front runners:

Am I drawn to these because of my love for all things retro or because they're "mom suits?" If you saw me in one of these (which some of you have) would you think "Cute!" or "Look at that mom in her swimdress! Hahahaha!"???

I think my age and my van and my demure hem lines have me feeling insecure. What do you think?