Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I like this kid. - Updated Version

This post spent most of the day as my Wordless Wednesday. However, as I was laying down with Athena, her hugging me tightly until she drifted off to sleep, I started thinking about why I like her so much. Of course all mothers love their children, but here are some reasons why I like her.

She is so considerate and polite. I love the accolades I receive from other parents when they meet her. She shares anything, even if it's her most favorite treat, and she will ALWAYS offer you some. She honestly cares about others' well being. She recently wanted to make sure her auntie knew that I couldn't have chocolate lest I get a migraine.

She's smart. We have SO much fun doing school work, and I love to just let her freely learn. She's 3 but can handle kindergarten curriculum.

She's creative. When she says, "OK, I'm the princess, I'm going to Oz. Sissy, you be the doctor. Mommy, you be the evil octopus." She has NO idea why I'm not following the storyline.

She adores her sissy. She has never shown one tiny bit of resentment to her baby sissy, and she thinks she's the cutest thing she's ever seen. The other day when Zofia started walking and carrying an Easter basket, Athena squealed, ran over, kissed her sis and patted her butt.

I. Love. Her.