Friday, April 29, 2011

Ah, to be a princess, 'twould be so grand.

I am a lover of all things British. My mother is one of the most pure-bred Brits I've ever seen. You can trace her back eons and only one wily German made it into their lineage. I love British comedy, I am a baker of trifles, and I think the royal family is incredibly interesting. The ladies and I have been watching the royalty themed Disney specials all week, and what kind of British ladies would we be if we didn't watch the wedding itself??

Athena was ADORABLE when she saw Kate.

She gasped and said "What a pretty princess!"

Zofia was a little more laid back with her excitement, however I think she really like her princess jammies.

We have our tea set out and we're going to enjoy our Disney princesses for the rest of the day :)

Happy Royal Wedding Day!