Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Sharing - Share with you, share with me.

My entire adult life I have thought that hair products were akin to snake oil. I didn't think there was possibly anything some overpriced product could do that would fix this mop atop my head. After I got my extensions, I was forced to buy certain types of products to take extra good care of them. I'm cheap so I bought some inexpensive products to try.

I'm a changed gal.

Since I have to actually "do" my hair now, I'd like to get as much time in between washings as possible.

mark Mega Volume Next Day Spray $6.00"Refresh hair between shampooing, helps remove build-up and reduces the appearance of oil. 6 fl. oz."
 It's freakin' awesome.

I also love love love the mark. Salon Straight products. It does exactly what the name implies. I look like I actually had my hair straightened and styled at the salon.

Now YOU talk to ME!

I've had a membership to a gym. I've owned all kinds of exercise equipment. I've tried juice cleanses and supplements. Nothing has ever worked for me because I don't stick with it. Nursing and baby-wrangling have been the diets of the century for me. From those two things alone I have lost 65lbs in 9 months. Now, if I could tone up without actually doing anything, well that would just be rad. Enter these:

Lots of different brands make them, and I was wondering if any of you have tried them or if you know someone who knows someone that has killer legs now because of them.
Curves for Women

"Sole encourages a natural rocking motion with every step to help challenge muscles. Leather upper and man-made materials. Imported."
NOW: lowest price ever $29.99