Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's the day after tax day. What more do you want from me.

I tried to post this yesterday but my videos wouldn't work. Whatev.

We owe the farking city of Toledo an entire assload of money, so I put doing our city taxes off until mid day tax day. Good call. Doing your taxes with two barnacle kids is AWESOME. I sat here topless so Zofia could just nurse at will, climb all over me, and Athena sang at the top of her lungs I'M A SAAAAAAD. SAD SQUIRREL! I MISS MY HOOOOOME AND I MISS MY FRIENDS!!!! Yeah, total concentration. I haz it.

So anywho, here's Zofia starting to walk, dance, and drop it like it's hot.

Here's Zofia's newest nursing position. Convenient.

Here's Athena doing her turns for her ballet class.