Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Week in Tweets

This. Week. BLEW. The ladies are on the mend now, but MAN were they sick this week. These tweets sum up my week and feelings better than I ever could in my exhausted, sleep-deprived state.

@Athenabee Nadja
Fuck fevers. Or as Athena calls them, "beavers."

Sick kid. No good. I thought it was spring.

Barf is dumb.

With vomit in the house I may set a new OCD handwashing record.

Thank goodness for my breastmilk freezer stash. It's the only thing my sick 3 yo can keep down.

Puking kid is back to being a jerk. Let's hope it doesn't turn into puking baby.

Zofia has her first fever. #shittymilestones

I think tonight is going to be the opposite of awesome.

It's OCD freak the fuck out pukefest day. Wanna come?

Gotta tell ya, this shit ain't helping the ol' germ phobia.

So I says, "what would make this day even awesomer?" The universe came back with a dead, smoking jeep. O.o and >.< and :-/ and doh!

So THEN I says, "cmon day. Be the awesomest." And the universe goes: you have to poop really really bad while a screamy sick baby is on you

Suckville. Population: 3


U guys zofia hasn't stopped screaming for an hour won't nurse and screams if I try to lay her down

So there you have it. I think that tells you where we've been all week... in Suckville. Hopefully the fresh spring air this weekend will do them a world of good.