Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, I had a good run...

I'm 31 years old, the mother of two children, and I've never been on any type of diet or workout program. I spent my young adulthood eating fast food and never getting anymore exercise than you may get on just an average day. When I got pregnant with Athena, I ate my way all the way up to 210lbs. I was a little taken aback when an 8 1/2lb baby came out instead of a 30lb one, but with nursing and normal mommy duties the weight came off.

Apparently your body isn't quite so forgiving when you do that to it a second time. Rats.

No matter how much bitching and moaning I do, this weight isn't leaving. Louis pointed out the other day that the bag of beef jerky I just ate for dessert wasn't going to do anything for my weight loss. Pssh. What does he know?

Today I am going to the store and I'm buying this:

Louis thinks I'm going to use it as a clothes rack, but I swear I'm committed this time! No, really! I am! I'll show him when I start strutting around with a foxy new Beyonce body.

Any exercise/weight loss tips you want to pass on to me? I'm very new to this lifestyle...