Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toddler Sleep... or Lack There of.

Oh my weary bones. When will they get to rest? Athena was a very high maintenance baby, never slept in a crib, always slept with me, and didn't sleep through the night until she was 2 1/2. When I was pregnant with Zofia, people assured me that the 2nd one is always easier. The parents are more relaxed, they have more experience, everyone wins. We started off on the right track with Zofia. She liked her own space, slept in a crib in her own room, and routinely went 4+ hours between nursing after 2 months.

NONE of this is the case anymore. She has decided that cribs are dumb and she wants mom's boobs All. Night. Long. Louis says I need to just let her cry and fall back asleep. I know she's not an infant anymore, but she wants me. She wants her mama. How can I get mad at her for that?

In a moment of desperation I brought her into Athena's room, we all got in bed together, Zofia nursed to sleep all cuddled between Mommy and her Sissy, and this is how we slept. Not having to get up and go to another room, get Zofia out of bed, nurse her, try to get her back down was great. It's the most sleep I've gotten in probably 4 years.

BUT... am I starting another bad habit? Is it bad to get her use to cosleeping so late in the game? Can I just let the ladies share a bed until they go off to college?

Oh, and another issue? They get kind of excited at first when they go in there. Getting them to settle down and sleep is kind of a circus.

Exhibit A:

Is this just another variation of the family bed?