Monday, November 21, 2011

Flashback Continued - Senior Picture Time

I was talking to some Twitter Besties recently about high school pictures, looks, and whatnot. I said I would look for mine and share HOPING that some others would do the same. (HINT HINT!!!!)

Well here it is in all it's 1998 glory:

I seem to be posing for a jeans ad in a JCPenney catalog, no?


the corbett kid. said...

good for you. i missed this convo, but i'm off to look for a picture.

Wendy said...

OMG NADJA! That is too funny! You are way hot! Look at your blond hair! And I love the little peek of midriff! RAWR! I found my old yearbooks yesterday - uh oh - now that I admitted that, you're going to make me post a picture, aren't you?

Are your jeans painted or something? Do I see flowers on them? Rad, man!

Nadja said...

I would be soooooo happy to see your pictures!!

They are painted flowers! I seriously couldn't be more 90s.

the grumbles said...

OMG. OMG/ OMG. hot stuffffff.

i will totally do this too. i need to find one i can scan.

Sarah said...

HAHA! I LOVE it - so glad you did it! Now, hopefully I'll remember to look for mine at my mom's house on Thanksgiving. I WILL do it, I promised!

This is awesome.

Amber said...

I love those jeans! Awesome!

Nadja said...

They were my bff's mom's jeans. There's another version where my bff is posing with me in the same outfit.

Iris Took said...

HOT MAMA! You are so brave to bear the midriff, of course your stomach is totally rockin, so why the hell wouldn't you!? The hair is unbelievable!! I'm going to find one of me and post just for you.

Satinwood Studios?? C Paul Kenney??

Great idea!!

Nadja said...

C Paul Kenney.

I played soccer and had a super physical job. I was buff.

Sassytimes said...

This is so awesome! I'll have to find some of mine...90s were awesome. ;)

(I can't comment on your posts unless other people do first? Makes me sad.)

Nadja said...

I had to get rid of intense debate and disqus and reactivate blogger comments. I'm sad and miss intense debate oh so much.

k said...

Look at you! Super cute and sassy!

Ky • said...

Oh, this makes me smile for so many reasons.

Tell me those are Mudd jeans.



Written Permission said...

My two favorite parts:

1. Bare feet

:) The 90s rocked.

You look totally adorable. I need to find mine, pronto.