Friday, November 4, 2011

A mama's gotta keep it together

One of the "O's" in my OCD is vomit. I absolutely obsess over whether or not the ladies are going to vomit every single day. No joke. Wouldn't you just know it, I was blessed with a kid who's prone to stomach bugs. I know it makes no sense and I'm too sleep deprived to try to explain it, but taking care of the puker (Athena) and potential future puker (Zofia) all while trying to portray a normal human being to them BBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLAAAARRRGGGHHH!!! Pass the Xanax! Anywho, I'm gonna be phoning it in for a few days, NaBloPoMo. Don't judge me.... or this third glass of wine I'm drinking.

Here's a picture of Athena doing her beloved school work with a fever patch on her head:
Homeschooled kids don't get sick days, sucka!

And here is a picture she made me for taking such good care of her:
It's a little heart guy. Isn't she the best?