Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mom Life - Video Edition (Added bonus to hear my voice!)

Kids and dogs. Is there anything funnier? Well, people getting startled or fallying down might be funnier, but kids and dogs are up there. Housekeeping isn't my strong point, but I was actually trying to sweep up the floor a little bit. Athena immediately commandeered the Dirt Devil and tortured the dogs:

(That's SpongeBob Fun Dip she's pouring down her throat.)

It carried on and Athena started feeding the dog "treats" she was finding under furniture. Zofia just hung out, Detroit leanin', and Zoe ate Toodee.

Zofia had a turn too. Needless to say, my house is still messy and I think it will remain that way for about 15 years.


Wendy said...

That's funny! Hey you need to put those girls to work! We got a cute little vaccuum for our hardwood floors and the girls love using it. HAVE AT IT I say! :) I love your little munchkins.

the grumbles said...

heh heh. i love hearing your voice. and i love dogs, and your girls. and toodee.

wrestling kitties said...

That is too funny! Who knew a dirt devil could be so much fun?! You should get those kids a broom and bucket for Christmas....though I imagine that could lead to a mess instead of cleaning :)

Nadja said...

I keep the Swiffers just out of reach, so when the ladies get ahold of one they really think they've got something. It's all part of my evil Child Labor Project.