Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh, Zofizzle

My little Lubbees. Chickybooms. Wee little booby monster, Zofia. She has captured my heart in ways I didn't know possible. "How could I love another person like I love Athena?" I thought. Well, here's the thing. I don't love her like I love Athena. I love her like Zofia.

I had no idea two people from the same parents could be so drastically different. Athena is patient and gentle. Zofia stomps through the house smacking dogs with Swiffers. Athena doesn't have a jealous bone in her body. If Zofia catches you anywhere near my lap she will end you. Athena is my sweet dainty flower, and well, I seriously think Zofia is twice the size Athena was at this age and built like a California Redwood. Having them both has made my entire life better.

And plus, what's not to love about this bodacious bod?

Baby butts and baby toes FTW!!!!!


Amber said...

Love this post. I've always wondered what it's like to be the parent to 2, 3, or more children. Seriously? How can I love anyone more than I love BB? Does my heart have the room?

wrestling kitties said...

Oh this post makes me smile, especially when you said you love her like Zofia. LOVE THAT.

Though the idea of a second kid right now when we have a 3month old just seems like complete nonsense, I have wondered the past few weeks as I see Henry grow what a second would be like. To me, Henry IS Henry and there is no one else he could be and I will always love him for HIM. I never knew you could love someone SO much and now that I have felt that, I feel I could easily make room for another unique and special little one someday if we are so lucky.

the grumbles said...

i love little booties. is that weird? i don't care. so cute.

Sassytimes said...

She is such a doll! Love the toes and booty. ;)

Isn't it great to have two completely opposite children? Ours are the same way and I love it.

Wendy said...

Love the cheeks!

theparanormalist said...

Adorable! I particularly enjoyed the smacking the dogs with swiffers and "she will end you".

I miss having babies around.

Nadja said...

@Amber - I spent my entire pregnancy with Zofia petrified to have another child. I thought there was no way I could love another and I thought my relationship with Athena would suffer. NOTHING suffered. EVERYTHING has been enhanced.