Friday, December 23, 2011

The Merriment Continues - Helper Elves

It's crunch time. I've successfully put off baking and wrapping to the last second. I now must use child labor to finish up.

The wrapping is going better than I expected. The ladies are being quite helpful.

(I would, however, like to stop getting hit in the crotch with this tube.)

See! Genuine helping!

Zofia's job is to sprinkle pieces of cereal into the gifts. Mmmmm...
(In related news: SHE'S EATING FOOD!!!)

Next up was the making of peppermint bark.Athena seriously did it all with little assistance from me. 
She smashed all the candy canes with much glee:

Melted, stirred, and even put decorative extra pieces of candy cane on :)

She diligently cleaned every utensil with her tongue.

I set a very small budget for Christmas this year and instead focused on doing things together like making gingerbread houses, candy, and homemade gifts. I want the ladies to grow up having wonderful memories made together, not what toy was all the rage that year. I want the holidays to always be special and full of positive memories.

Merry Christmas indeed!

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wrestling kitties said...

What good little elves you had to help with Christmas!!

And what a big girl Athena is becoming, helping make that peppermint bark. How much fun is it to do stuff like that with your kids...can't wait!!