Thursday, December 22, 2011

Like a Boss - A Pediatric Dentist Experience

Look at this face:

Does that look like the face of a kid that had 4 fillings done with no numbing agents? Well it is. She had FOUR cavities drilled and filled and remained that happy. Guys? My kid is amazing. We watched tons of YouTube videos of kids getting cavities filled and we talked at length about everything that was going to happen, all the sounds, and all the sensations that she would feel from drilling.

She handled it like a boss. Good thing too. We have to go back 3 more times.

I'll let that sink in...

Three. More. Times.

How could I let my kid get to that point? Well, when they say don't let you kid go to sleep with a cup of milk, I guess they mean business. Athena went to bed with a bottle of breastmilk for an embarrassingly long period of time. I never manned up and put an end to it. I let her have her way and now my poor girl is paying the price. Lucky for Zofia, lesson learned.


k said...

What a brave, awesome girl! I'm much more of a wienie when it comes to the dentist.

wrestling kitties said...

Athena you ROCK!! You are braver than I am!

I liked how you showed her what was going to happen before she went, I think that is part of why a Dentist is so scary. VERY smart!

And I didn't know about the milk thing.

Nadja said...

I'm still in awe of how she handled herself.

WK- It's serious. Don't let the wee lad get used to it because it is a bitch and a half to break.

wrestling kitties said...

Are you talking about the child getting use to falling asleep at night with a bottle? eeek, that is what we do now because it corresponds with his bed time!! hmmm, we may need to rethink how we put him to sleep!

Nadja said...

"They" say you're not supposed to feed them to sleep. Not only did I put Athena to sleep with a bottle, she kept it there all night and would take more sips. This left sweet breastmilk on her teeth all night long and made some awful cavities. Zofia still nurses to sleep and all throughout the night, so I'm not on a good path again. :-/