Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Given how dumb I thought Pinterest was when I first signed up, I thought for sure I would be over it by now. NO! I MUST PIN EVERYTHING! I MUST HAVE MOAR PINTEREST FRIENDS!! Time that I use to devote to my blog, Twitter, and Facebook NOW FOR PINNING!

Athena is totally into it too. We just completed A Couple More Hours' Pinterest Challenge 2012 and had such a good time. Check out her blog tomorrow to see what we all made.
(Logo and everything. Totally legit.)

Anywho, blogger friends, if we don't follow each other, please correct this post haste so I can have more things to look at and try. I'm Nadja_Brocus on there. Let's be best friends. Do it for me.

No, do it for Athena:

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