Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hurry! I need friendly fashion advice!

OK, I'm a boring, hoodie, all black clothes generally kinda gal. For some reason this jacket has caught my eye for Spring. I have a bunch of maxi dresses I want to wear it over.

Before I click "BUY," your thoughts?:

(I already have the shirt the girl in the lower right has on.)

Is it too "Members Only?"


Sarah said...

I like it open, it softens the look. I think all zipped up it's a little harsh. But I do like the colour and I love the back of the jacket!

Written Permission said...

Definitely agree that it's cuter open, although I do like the cut of it zipped up (it might look weird with big boobies, though, which I can say since mine are monsters).

The back is the only thing that looks a liiiiitle Members Only, with the waistband thingie going on there. But I think it'd look super cute open over dresses, like you're thinking.

I say buy it!

Nadja said...

I like the open look too. And I agree, the jugs are WAY too big to zip it up.

I can get it for 35% off, so I think I'm gonna do it...

Wrestling Kitties said...

DO IT! I think it is really cute!

You know we now have to see pictures of you IN your new jacket ;)

Nadja said...

I shall absolutely model it in PERSON at our next blogger meetup.