Friday, March 9, 2012

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs...

Athena has spent her morning making signs that she feels need to be posted around the house for safety purposes.

Officer Athena, at your service.

This one is on the bathroom door.
It warns "Snakes will eat you in the bathroom. <3 Athena"

This is on her bedroom door. "No babies!"

No snakes or bears are allowed in the house.

And on the basement door, ready for when her dad gets home:
"Dad, stop being mad and lay down."


k said...

Um, those made me bust out loud laughing. LOVE THEM.

Spy said...

Just when I thought "no babies" was my favorite, I saw the last one for Louis. LMAO!

Nadja said...

Zofia is not abiding by the "No babies" sign and it's really angering Officer Athena. Especially since Zofia is nude and has a history of peeing on floors.

Wendy said...

You NEED to send me some of her drawings so I can embroider them for you! DO IT! I'm serious! I'd love to do it! Free! Send them to me!