Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Athena's take on the Time magazine cover is one of the better ones, no?

Athena is kind of like a National Geographic photographer. She quietly goes through the house taking pictures of unsuspecting people to catch them in their natural habitat. Sometimes that means you're photographed in the shower, sometimes it means you're photographed cramming a hot dog in your face. Sometimes she even takes videos or uses effects to dress up her work. Most people probably wouldn't let their 4-year-old play with their smartphone or digital camera, but I just love the stuff she comes up with.

Today while I was trying to get a diaper on an unwilling Zofia (which is similar to putting one on a Tasmanian Devil) she hopped up on the table, jerked my top down, and showed me who was the nursing boss.

Tasmanian Devil courtesy of National Geographic:

Tasmanian Devil courtesy of Athena Brocus:

Don't worry, I'll clean the table before you guys come over for dinner.

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