Thursday, May 24, 2012

Conducting business with my pants down - A WAHM

As some of you know, I have my real estate license and like to fancy myself a WAHM from time to time. I assist the broker with email and phone call follow-ups, and this is precisely what I was doing yesterday... much to Zofia's dismay.

I was attempting to leave a voicemail for a loan officer and Zofia went bat-shit-crazy. I tried shushing her and scooting her away with my leg while trying to keep my voice even. She took my leg being out as an opportunity to pull my pants down.

Blurry as she shimmies them down my leg.

Pants are down. Now to attempt getting back up the birth canal.

Luckily right in my reach were my Professional Grade Baby Shushers

Aaaaaawww yeeeeeahhh. Works every time.


April said...

Hilarious! I keep a bag of those suckers in my purse at all times.

Sarah said...

Love the Yummy Earth Organic suckers. They were the only way that I made it through pregnancy -- oh and Attia likes 'em too.

Wrestling Kitties said...

That kiddo of yours is something else!! :)

I will remember that sucker trick!