Monday, May 14, 2012

Not Another Time Magazine Post

There it is. I finally figured out why the Time magazine controversy bothered me so much. It wasn't the age of the child nursing. It wasn't the model-like mother used to sell magazines.

It was the comments.

But why the comments? This took a few days of soul-searching.

I had an epiphany at 14 and stopped caring what people thought. The next day I went to school in a space dress and white go-go boots and never looked back. It's been a fabulous quality that I hope to pass on to my daughters. Be yourselves and be happy. As a mother I suppose I could be described as an "attachment parent." I babywear, I cosleep, and I nurse on demand. As Zofia has yet to wean herself, I seem to now be an "extended nurser." Never have I ever been bothered by the critical comments made about me "spoiling my children," or "being a weird hippie." It's just been par for the course until now. The comments. The comments of the general public calling her a pedophile and declaring this as incest.

Do you remember my post? I know what a pedophile is. I've lived with two of them. My biological dad is a "watcher" and my brother is in prison for molestation.

The woman on Time's cover? She is not a pedophile. Nor am I for nursing my older child. We are mothers doing what is best for OUR children. Not your children. Not the neighbors' children. OUR CHILDREN. So think before you speak. Consider before you comment. Know what you're saying. Things may not be what they first appear.


the grumbles said...

word. most of what bothered me about the whole thing wasn't the title, or the picture, or the OMG mom wars, it was the reactions I kept seeing of "EWWWW, GROSS." sigh.

Nadja Brocus said...

I mean, I knew there would be some haters, but THAT MANY? And THAT HATEFUL??

The ignorance is alarming and embarrassing.

Sassytimes said...

I'm sooooo over all the judgement. Over it.

My MIL finds nursing disgusting...and as I've nursed all 3 of ours, you can imagine how often I bite my tongue around her. She was talking about this cover the other night (ON MOTHER'S DAY!) and I seriously had to block her voice out to prevent myself from never being allowed on her property again. ;) People are just ignorant and judgmental. About everything. Period.

Keep on keeping on with what's best for YOUR family.

Amber @ Backwards Life said...

I try to avoid all comments sections on anything other than regular blogs. People are total assholes on large public sites.