Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Raw Milk - What's the deal?

I received this via email from my mom:

Founder of the Mayo Foundation used it back in the late 20’s – early 30’s to cure almost everything from psoriasis to heart disease. I’ve also seen articles saying it’s lessened or cured anxiety/depression.

She has started drinking it to rebuild bone. I gotta tell you, as a certified OCD fearer of all things germ, bacteria, and virus it totally skeeves me out. I'm generally on board with all things natural and healing, but GAH THE BACTERIA!

Anyone familiar? Is it legit or snake oil?


Iris Took said...

Dairy is a hot topic and always new/conflicting info coming out. Should you avoid it? Organic or conventional? Soy or almond? GEEZ!

Wrestling Kitties said...

A friend I work with who is my age drinks this and has for awhile now.

SHE LOVES IT. And she says it is totally legit.

We have talked about it many times because while she still loves to indulge, she likes to live as clean lifestyle as possible. Meaning, not putting excess hormones/preservatives in her body. I find it interesting!

Here are some things she said:

Know your source that you get the Raw milk from. She said that of course there can be contamination, but typically ANY food related contamination comes from large companies who just mass produce and do not take care of their foods or livestock. The farm she gets from has never had a case of people getting sick, but she said it is a reputable farm.

She did a lot of research on it before she got into it, because since it is illegal in Ohio to buy raw milk you have to buy share in the farm/cow and then it is still $5-$6 a gallon for raw milk. So she wanted to make sure the investment was worth it. She said the health benefits are undeniable and the best way to drink milk in her opinion. Kids, elderly, anyone can drink it and benefit from it.

(She is reading this book called "The Untold Story of Milk" that she says is very interesting if you or your mom are interested.)

She said that as long as your mom is getting the milk from a reliable source then she should experience great health benefits and that it is totally legit!

For me personally, I totally think that unpasteurized is better than pasteurized....however, you just have to be SO careful and I am not sure I could do raw milk. I would need to read more about it.

(She did say if you or your mom have questions she would be happy to answer them!!)

Nadja Brocus said...

She mega researched it and bought a herd share from a local farm. (it's where I get all my meat.) I like hearing this from another drinker. She wants me to try it but I can't picture giving it to athena.

Maybe if it really does reverse her osteoporosis I'll revisit the idea.

Nadja Brocus said...

My dad has Hep C, if any of you recall and his treatment didn't work. My mom just found this from a raw milk site: "A 53-year-old New Jersey man I spoke to was so impressed with his own turnaround on raw milk (he was diagnosed with hepatitis C, with viral counts at 15 million, and after nine months of drinking it, the virus was undetectable) that he starting giving it to his four grandchildren, all of whom had asthma. “This is the first winter they’re not getting sick,” says the man, who asked to remain anonymous, since raw milk is illegal in New Jersey. 'They don’t need their inhalers anymore.'"

This is getting interesting...

Wrestling Kitties said...

That is CRAZY!

Everything that my friend tells me makes it sound very interesting and it does make sense why it would be good for you.

And my friend says when she lets it "spoil" a bit it turns into really good yogurt or cream/buttermilk!

Yeah, not sure about kids at least at first.

Amber @ Backwards Life said...

I just don't drink milk ;D
There are other ways for me to get calcium, though I do use it in tea and cereal.

Anonymous said...

Me: 48 years old, female, drinker of raw milk for 15 odd years. No dental cavities since, complete reversal of acid wear on front teeth which I had for many years. Appropriate widening of jawbone to where previously impacted wisdom teeth were able to errupt. No repulsive upper spine curvature that is so prevelant today even among young women. Wrinkle free skin and thick hair. Stop letting the media, idiot government and assinine AMA dictate you through fear. FYI pasteurized dairy stores in tissue not bone. Hence osteo diseases of the general public. Good luck!

Spy said...

I'm glad I went back to the post and read these. Thanks so much for the encouraging comments regarding my raw milk consumption. Makes me even happier about my decision.