Saturday, July 21, 2012


Today my first baby turns 5. Pardon me if I am brief, for I am experiencing many emotions. 5 is such a milestone. Soon she will be leaving my protective nest for the first time and starting school. How can this be?   I feel as though she should still be in diapers, not school uniforms. Letting go a little is going to be a process. She's still my baby. My baby that I wanted so badly. The baby that I waited 5 years for to get pregnant. My first baby. Oh, Athena. I love you so very much. You will forever be my little girl.

5 Years Ago Today

1 Year Old

2 Years Old

3 Years Old

4 Years Old

5 Years Old

Happy Birthday my little love.


Sassytimes said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little 'baby'! ;) Hope she is having a great day!

Wrestling Kitties said...

When did she become such a little lady?!?!

It has been so weird watching her change these past five years through your blog. I can't believe all that time has passed, it doesn't seem right!!

Well I hope Athena had a marvelous birthday, I mean how could one not in a pink wig! :)

I know I am a little late, but Happy 5th Birthday, Athena!!