Thursday, August 16, 2012

9 Year of Marital Bliss

Today is my 9th wedding anniversary. We've been together a while so now there are little Brocuses to tend to. Louis shall be spending the first part of the day at work and I will take Zofia on a ride that will make her throw up, then she'll see the doctor she hates, then she and Athena will get multiple shots, and finally we will drive home and she will throw up again.

Kids. They kick ya where it counts.


If the ladies will allow it, maybe we'll get to grab a bite to eat while Yia Yia watches some pissed off little kids.

Look at us. So young.

 9 years. NINE years. I still feel like we're the young kids just starting to date. On the other hand I feel like we've been through so much I could do a better job counseling people than Dr. Phil.

I love being married. I love having a family. I'd love to write him a sappy letter but he'd never read it.

 Happy 9 years to Louis and Me. We deserve it!


Spy said...

I think you should write the letter, then stand in FRONT of the TV and read it aloud to him while having a Barry White song playing in the background.

Nadja Brocus said...

Heh. Can I jump out of a cake too?

Iris Took said...

Congrats! 9 years is incredible!

Wrestling Kitties said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Hope you were able to have a special dinner out and the throw up was limited :)

the corbett kid. said...

cheers + congrats nadja and louis, to many more years! xo

Wendy Womack said...