Monday, October 1, 2012

Kindergarten 2012: A year of Firsts

I lost my way on this here blog for a second. I started paying attention to comment numbers, stats, revenue and began trying to write for other people. Obviously this bombed. I had horrible writer's block for a year and stopped using this site for what it was intended: a space for me to share and document our lives. Not for blogger stats but for ME. Because of this blog I can go back and see what Athena weighed at 2 years old and compare it to Zofia. I can go back and look at holiday pictures from any given year. I'm going to appreciate this so much down the road when I need to reminisce about my babies. SOOOOOO..... let's get back to that, 'kay? Yes.

Athena started school last month and it has gone so differently than I had expected. She's been fairly sheltered and never been away from me for long stretches of time so I thought there was going to be a huge adjustment period. I thought she was going to miss me, miss home, miss naps. I thought she would cry for me and beg me to stay home. Oh how this is not the case. She LOVES it. She loves the work, the playing, the socializing. It's all so amazing to her. She had no idea there was this world full of kid out there for her to play with.

My style of parenting has come under fire for years. I was told to cut the cord a million times and if I didn't, my kids were never going to learn independence. They were going to be clingy little whiners that wanted nothing but their mama. Heh. Right. Athena is flourishing.

She asked for her own room, she asked to sleep by herself, and she marched right in that classroom and got down to business. 

In fact, one month is and she already asked me to stop helping her in the classroom in the morning and to just drop her off at the door. Sorry kid. You're 5, not 15. Mama's still coming in.

To those that knock attachment parenting and say that it breeds clingy kids, I kinda wanna say "nana nana booboo, stick your face in doodoo." But I won't. I'm too mature for that. I'm the mother of a school-aged kid now after all.

Up next: How Kindergarten is affecting my OCD.

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She's awesome.

Love it. And love these pictures, too.