Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October, I don't hate you.

It has been absolutely glorious here in Northwest Ohio lately. The leaves have all changed, so that's lovely, but the WEATHER! Oh the weather! It's perfection. We've been going everywhere in short sleeves and flippy floppies and with a high of 77 today, we couldn't be more delighted.

Our daily walk to the water is splendid.

 Nice warm "no pants weather" in the backyard.

My plants are still trying to grow!!

We lounge by the water table and have icy beverages.

Sunny, late October is rocking my non-existent socks off. Keep it up, autumn and I may stop dreading you


k said...

This past week here, plus remembering how mild last winter was, makes me think that maybe I'm getting old and crotchety and should spend the colder months somewhere warmer and nice.

You and the girls should join me.

Iris Took said...

My garden still has stuff on it too. Maybe it pays off to be lazy and not dig it up when I should have ;)