Monday, October 29, 2012

More Conversations With Athena

I love talking to Athena. She's pretty great and frequently makes me laugh. The other day Louis was laying on the couch. He had his hood up, buried under a blanket, and moaned that he was dying.

Athena: "What's wrong, Daddy?"
Louis: "I have heartburn and I'm dying."
Athena: "You're really dying?"
Louis: "Yes."
Me: "Aw man. If Dad dies we're going to have to go out and find a new one."
Athena: "OH! Can it be Jason?!?! I want it to be Jason!"
(Jason is our hunky next door neighbor that Athena has had a crush on since she was 18 months old.)
Me: "OK."
Louis: "....." and made this face: >:/

Clearly she's known for her sensitivity.


Wrestling Kitties said...

HAHAHAHA! that is awesome :)

I can't wait for fun conversations with Henry.

k said...