Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I've never actually wished death upon someone...

I've never come right out and said, "I wish he would die" before, but for the first time yesterday I said it would be better if he did... or if any of the three did.

Bad things come in threes, right? My dad, my stepdad, and my brother. *They all have their own sweet little clickable links. They've all had some sort of purpose to serve but that purpose is long gone and now all they give to this world is danger and pain.

Like I said, I won't come right out and wish it, but dammit all if it wouldn't be better.

I've written extensively about the Dickface Trifecta on BlogHer and how they've affected me and tortured my mom, and many have enquired about her view of it all. After all, it all began with her long before I was born.

She's finally had enough and is stepping out into the light to see what she can find here. BlogHer has given me a voice that I wouldn't have had otherwise and I've suggested using that space for her journal. I'm hoping the large community of abuse victims there will embrace her, encourage her, and lead her further out of the dark.

Please visit her. Support her. Share her. Let's build her a virtual village.

Is My Spouse Verbally Abusive and Controlling?

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