Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We interrupt this Wordless Wednesday post to bring you the most current Athena Elizabeth Kindergarten news.

Sources closest to the kindergartner (me, her mom) have been told by her that she has been on her first date. It seems Athena has had a strong desire to visit "The Snack Cart" in the lunchroom but hasn't been allowed to until her mother comes in and surveys the situation. Athena wasn't taking this laying down. After all, she 5 years old now. Practically a teenager.

Pictured here doing the exasperated teen stare.

It all started yesterday. A boy named Lucas has been sitting by her at lunch and declared her his "honey bunny." Today she expressed her cherry beverage desires to the young boy and he quickly walked her up to the snack cart and purchased her this drink even though this meant he had no money left for himself. Athena greatly enjoyed this escapade and has asked if she can return the favor via cookie purchase tomorrow.

I'll allow it.

Wednesday morning she will be showing me who Lucas is, and since it's UM/OSU spirit day at school, she will be reporting back to her father if Lucas is in appropriate Ohio State attire.

We will not be telling Lucas that Athena asked me if I thought "Tucker" was cute.

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