Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh Starbucks, you are my little gentleman...

...I will take you to foggy London town because you are my gentleman.

Teh Barfs. I've had enough. There has been so much barfing in this house, I stopped caring LONG ago when the dogs got to it first. Whatever. Lick it up. See if I care seeing how I've only slept like 15 damn minutes. Zofia was a boogerbarf fountain yesterday then Athena joined her around midnight. When Athena says "NO SCHOOL!" I know shit got real. Especially since she was so excited about the food drive she participated in to help people in our community AND to earn the ability to wear jeans to school for the day.

Even with all the OCD Terror Threat Level: RED barfing happening, I still got my contribution to the school bake sales, visited Athena at school, and made it to the polls. I'm beginning to feel like this disease isn't bigger than me anymore. I never thought this would happen. I should send my psychiatrist flowers.

Today I'm moving forward and it actually has nothing to do with Obama.


sarah said...

Hope they both feel better soon!

Anne said...

go you AWESOME!! You are the baddest. You can do anything. You are KILLING it!!! xoxoxo