Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Answer to DogShame: Rooster Shame

I can fall down the Dog Shame Tumblr rabbit hole for HOURS and just laugh and laugh and laugh. My mom, her coworkers and I share our favorites via email.

Recently though, we realized that we could shame a variety of animals. Why let dog owners have all the fun? You see, roosters are assholes. I mean real deal shits. This is why the word "cock" is a swear word. Whenever my mom gets some real dicks, they wind up in my crock pot and everyone wins. Recently she has  had a pair of potential crock potters. They're not mean to her, so she's resisting letting me cook them, but they are hen rapists.

I give you Mike and Andy:

As soon as she breaks and let's me crock pot them, I'll give you a new recipe.

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k said...

Those roosters have crazy eyes.