Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Athena's First Cheer Performance

Is it just me or do we spend a lot of time doing school fundraising? Why don't I remember my mom having to? After juggling a bagillion pounds of fundraiser cookie dough, a toddler, and Athena all balanced precariously on a double stroller and getting it to the house, I then had to further solo-wrangle everyone to McDonald's for an athletic's boosters fundraiser and Athena's first cheerleading performance.

First up? Adorable kindergartner Christmas carols:

(Sorry about my phone zooming in and out. It's being a hoser lately.)

Here's what Zofia thought:

Athena seems skeptical herself.

Cute and ready to cheer:

Athena and a cheer pal:

The videos all turned out wonky this time so I just have to document this with a picture. Womp Womp.
Go Otters!!

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k said...

In some of these pictures I think she SO looks like you.