Monday, December 10, 2012

Next up? Dance Clubs for 5 Year Olds

This weekend has been the weekend of mama and Athena. Of course, sweet Athena Bee does not mind that our lives have changed so that Zofia is now in the mix. To Athena, bless her heart, it's always been "the more the merrier." No jealousy from that fine girl. Oh no. She's too proper for that. So to reward her for her ongoing patience with her sister, her love for school, and her perfect progress report, Athena and I partied it up this weekend.

First we went to my mom's work Christmas party. She works for UTMC and we partied hard with the doctors. (Side note: They are the doctors for our entire family, immediate and extended and they're WONDERFUL.) Athena got her first taste of a dance floor, a DJ, and little boys she could ask to dance. Here is her face all night long:
I bought her her first pair of high heels and girlfriend WORKED IT. Walked up and said "Hey boy! I'm ATHENA!"

The following morning, we continued to be debutantes and we brunched with some of my lovely family. I couldn't possibly recommend the brunch at Manhattan's in downtown Toledo more. The food was amazing, the chef was a joy, and the service was perfection. They catered to my sweet girl and she got her first virgin mimosa.
Look at her face. Look at how happy she is. My heart bursts over the weekend I had with my first born and my wonderful mother, Aunts, and cousins.

'Tis the season to be jolly, am I right?

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k said...

"Hey boy! I'm ATHENA!" is the best introduction EVER.

I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend.