Monday, February 25, 2013

Girl Talk - Makeup: What foundation do you use?

Don't tell anyone but I'm 32 now and my skin has changed a little bit. I think I need a new foundation and concealer. I used Christian Dior Diorskin Fluide for 5 years and it makes your skin look like that of a celebrity. So dewy and flawless.

Sephora Says:
Dior’s unique understanding of couture brings the idea of customized luxury to the world of foundation with this smart formula that adapts to your unique skin type and adjusts accordingly throughout the day for an ultra-smooth, flawless complexion. Infused with the skin-shaping Skincare Essence, this formula melts weightlessly into the skin while hydrating and mattifying elements keep skin balanced, smooth, and healthy. Skin texture is instantly refined and imperfections concealed.

But you guys. It's $47.50. That's like 5 bottles of Gato Negro Chilean wine.

I've been using Avon's Mineral Foundation
 It's certainly not a bad foundation. It has great coverage and color and it's only $7.99, but no dewy, bright finish like that of my youth.

Here's what I'm thinking about trying:

MagiX Cashmere Advanced Liquid Foundation $8.99

Avon says:
"The cashmere-soft feel you love…now with new skin brightening benefits. Advanced new formula gives skin an instant radiance. 70% of women saw more radiant, younger-looking skin. After 4 weeks of use, spots and discolorations appeared diminished."

 What do YOU use and WHY?


Anne said...

I've been using BB creams. I like Dior and Tarte. No cheaper, but maybe multipurpose?

1001 Petals said...

Avon is pretty toxic. I use MAC cause it's low toxic, cruelty-free (no animal testing) and works well. It's not cheap but not as expensive as the Dior foundation. I pay about $30 for a bottle of foundation.

Nadja Brocus said...

What is this BB I keep hearing about?

Nadja Brocus said...

Oooooh. I haven't been to MAC in a while...

Sarah said...

I used a tinted moisturizer by Smashbox and their Halo powder. Love it.

k said...

I am a fan of the L'Oreal BB cream and Arbonne concealer on top. And microdermabrasion every six weeks. I'm trying to fight against time and looking craggy. (I'm not really winning.)

Nadja Brocus said...

How did I go from being a Dior Makeup Artist to not knowing what BB cream is??

My forehead is wack.

krystal lynn said...

Hi Nadja,
I use Dior foundation because I love how it makes my complexion look and because my skin is sensitive and everything else I tried makes me break out. I agree it is expensive but a bottle lasts me a long time because I wear foundation maybe once or twice a week. I don't know what BB cream is either. ????

Nadja Brocus said...

Um, HI! AWESOME blog you have!!!

Iris Took said...

I used to use Bare Minerals but it was so messy. I recently switched to a tinted moisturizer/fountain by Laura Mercier as suggested by @TwoPretzels. I really like it and think it looks way better. I am 34.

The LM is about $35 per bottle but it has lasted me a long time.