Monday, May 6, 2013

Fresh Fruit Watermelon "Cake"

Athena's very first year of school is coming to a close and this week is teacher appreciation week for them. These fine people have transformed my baby into a reading, writing, singing big girl STUDENT. She's had the best experience so far and I want them to know the parents are grateful.

The PTO is putting on a luncheon tomorrow with donations from parents and board members. I volunteered to make a fruit salad. But not just ANY fruit salad. I wanted my fruit salad to say "Hey teachers! I took the time to sculpt up this fruit into a cake just for YOU because I appreciate YOU! No bowls of fruit for you!"

So I set out to make the fresh watermelon cake I saw on Pinterest:

The Inspiration from

The ingredients:
A watermelon, any fresh fruit you like, and skewers.

The cut:
According to this is how you cut to get your cake base.

Here's mine:
From there I cut more tiers, placed fruit around them, 
and used skewers of fruit like candles

The result:

I'm happy with my first attempt. I'd like to try again with better knives, more experience, and 
less toddlers pulling my pants down.

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