Tuesday, May 7, 2013

End of Year/Teacher Appreciation Gifts. What do you buy?

As I mentioned in my fruit-sculpture post yesterday this week is teach appreciation week. I am on the board of Athena's school's PTO and we put on a luncheon for them and gave the teacher lounge a Keurig. The year is almost over so this has me thinking end-of-year thanking as well. This is Athena's very first teacher, she really likes her, and watching my child blossom has been an incredible gift. Since I've never dealt with teachers in this capacity before, what's the protocol on Teacher Appreciation/End of year gifts? What do you do?

End of year/teacher appreciation gifts: Do you buy them and what do you spend?
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(Also accepting gift ideas.)

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Wendy said...

Yes it is Teacher Appreciation Week! Here's what I'm doing: the mom helpers have organized buying gifts for the teachers. I'm donating $5 toward those gifts. My kids are writing the teachers notes and sending in apples this week.

I do a personalized end of the year gift. I spend $25+ on those. Last year I made both of the teachers tote bags. This year I think I'm going to make them pillows.

Teachers appreciate anything - my husband is a teacher and he loves it when his high schoolers think to get him something, even if its a candy bar or some coffee.