Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's like Pride Week for Zofia and me!

Happy World Breastfeeding Week to Zofia and me!

See how excited we are? Any chance Zofia gets to celebrate boobies, she takes it and RUNS with it... usually still with my nipple in her mouth. This is our 4th WBW together and she's not seeming to lose any steam. In fact, this Saturday marks the first time she will ever go to bed without me or my boobies. She's spending the night with her Yia Yia and I'm having a night alone with my husband. This is a HUGE milestone in our breastfeeding relationship. Wish us luck! I think I'll need it more than her.

The focus is to share with people the benefits of nursing, showcase the people that are out there to help with a breastfeeding journey, and to encourage people to support breastfeeding mothers. I made a joke about Zofia getting me a present to celebrate, but in all honesty, the gifts she's giving me are plentiful. Our relationship certainly isn't the norm in the USA but there are so many benefits to BOTH of us in the extended nursing relationship says:

Breastfeeding benefits toddlers and young children…nutritionally, immunologically and psychologically.

If you see a nervous mama nursing in public or have a special person in your life who is currently nursing, give them a high 5 and a little word of encouragement.

We'll be celebrating with boobies:

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