Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Like all good things must, kindergarten has come to an end...

And this mama is a little overwhelmed. My first baby's first year of school has come and gone in the quickest of eye blinks. She's gone from toddler to schoolgirl but OH MUH BAYBEE!! Wears muh baybee??

First day of Kindergarten. It feels like we just got started. Oh how it hurt my mama heart to let her go.

Last day of Kindergarten. It's slightly bittersweet. I'm SO ready to have her back home with me EVERY SINGLE, but it concerns me how quickly the days are going.

Oh my. It IS going to fast. Next Zofia will start school and I'll have no more babies. Excuse me, I need to go breathe into a paper bag...


Wrestling Kitties said...

OH MY GOSH, seeing that picture of Athena made me sad. Where is that baby?!

Where does the time go is right!!!

It looks though, that Miss Bee thoroughly enjoyed school and all it had to offer....which is just awesome!

Hope you enjoy your summer with your girls :)

Plak Lastin said...

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