Thursday, February 11, 2010

And I thought he was a bit tool-ish before

Have you read this?? Jessica Simpson should punch him.

Or this??? Who in their right mind would say the n-word in a Playboy interview?? Does he have a PR team ANYWHERE???
Am I the only prude whose mouth dropped open?


Iris Took said...

Wow - as if I needed another reason to hate John Mayer or his "music-that-makes-me-feel-icky" here are two.

I never thought I would feel bad for Jessica Simpson, but I actually do. He just describes her like a complete whore. Jerk.

Oh, and not that he had any street cred before, now he REALLY doesn't. Way to try to get non-white girls to listen to your music John.

PS He looks like Marc Antony.

the grumbles said...

what the hell is his problem??? i never liked him before but i EXTRA don't like him now!

SassyTimes said...

I don't like him. I never understood how he "got" so many Hollywood ladies to begin with.

I personally think he does it for publicity...if he didn't run his mouth about raunchy things, no one would think twice about him.

AthenaBee said...

I believe Chris's graffiti on Family Guy hit it right on: THAT'S ENOUGH, JOHN MAYER.

(His music makes me feel icky too.)

wrestling kitties said...

BLECH, he is so gross. He gives me the creeps.

P.S. One of my favorite words is Tool and any form of the word!

AthenaBee said...

My mom and I like using "tool" in many different forms. It's usually to describe my stepfather and husband. If they didn't act so tooly sometimes we wouldn't have to talk about them!

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

He seriously is a PIG.

I'd like to junk-punch his FOR Jessica.

He's so gross. And he's far too pasty and white. Never trust THAT tall of a man who is THAT pasty and THAT white.

And that face he makes whilst he's singing?


the grumbles said...

ha, i love that we all hate him. ladies of the blogosphere unite!

Iris Took said...

Let's get our pitchforks and roll!

Ky, TERRIBLE face while singing. I cannot even look. AAACK! I'm embarrassed right now.

AthenaBee said...

I would assume he also has a legion of black ladies ready to bitch slap him as well. Possibly their boyfriends to for saying the n-word.

Jill Marie said...

Sorry to break up the party ladies, but I happen to LOVE (yes I said it) LOVE his voice! He is a douche, but his vocals just are beautiful. AND I am white in case you were wondering! lol