Monday, November 15, 2010

Finding the Happy - Old Friends

This is the house I spent my teenage years in. It was a pretty good time. I didn't hate my parents, no teenage angst to report, and lots of good memories. (Maybe we're all just lucky I'm so resilient.) My parents have since moved on and live in the family homestead in Michigan. They've rented this house out for quite some time, but the renters split. They needed to sell it pronto. As you all know, the economy is busted up dude. Nothing is selling no how nowhere. What were they going to do?

Enter an old friend from those school years that desperately needed a new place to live with her super awesome boyfriend and rad little boy.

This weekend they finally moved in.

Was I not JUST lamenting that I needed a girlfriend to gossip with and drink fruity drinks with? Well she's here AND she already knows I'm six kinds of crazy and she still likes me!

THIS makes me very, very happy.

Finding the Happy


Spy said...

This made your mommy smile REALLY big.

Ky • said...

This is fantastic.

Not only do you get a GOOD FRIEND out of it, but your Mom gets a tenant.

Awesome all the way around.

(P.S. Did I tell you how thrilled I was that my Mom's proposition against puppy mills was passed? She was emailing me a play-by-play and is STILL glowing weeks later.)