Sunday, November 14, 2010

Someone is 5 months old already.

I know. I'm shocked as well. I thought Athena's infancy went by fast, but it was NOTHING compared to this. These ladies are growing so fast it's making my head spin and my heart ache for it to slow down. I pray that I never for one second take for granted the fact that I get to spend every single day with them.

Zofia log-rolls everywhere already and she has started floor-swimming in a darling attempt to crawl.

Before I know it Zofia is going to be Athena's age and Athena will be in SCHOOL! GAH! NO! I can't handle that way of thinking yet! Slow your roll ladies, slow your roll. Mama needs more time with her babies.


How this works said...

My 2 year old LOVES that video. She's been practicing Athena's 'spin spin' (as she calls it) all morning. ;)

Your girls are super cute!

Nadja said...

Athena LOVES watching videos of other kids too! She'll make me play them over and over!

Wendy said...

I love that video! Her giggles are great.

I cannot believe that Z is 5 months old! You JUST had her!!!

Written Permission said...

Um, didn't you just give birth to that gorgeous lady?? Holy crap -- five months?!

Love Athena's spinning, while Zofia just watches her intently. :) So sweet!

wrestling kitties said...

How sweet is Zofia watching her big sis spin on the floor?! Love it!! And loooove that giggle :)

I really can not believe she is 5 months. Nope, it really does seem like you just had her!