Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm too tired for all this tomfoolery.

It's only been a week that I've been flying solo, but I have come to the conclusion that single parents survive by using witchcraft; like in Disney movies when brooms sweep by themselves and dishes was themselves and woodland creatures tidy up for you. There is no other explanation, 'cause dude, I'm tired.
Like fall on your face tired.

Like I could lay face down on a slab of concrete and sleep like a hibernating bear.

Last night Zofia nursed at 9:30pm and then we all went to bed.
Then she nursed at 11:30pm.
Athena woke me up at 1am for a drink.
Zofia nursed at 2am.
Athena started crying in her sleep at 4:30am.
Zofia nursed at 5am and commenced with the baby party.
6:30am and we're all up for the day.

So today NaBloPoMo, I got nothin' but exhaustion and a migraine.

Play me off, Keyboard Cat.


Soul Writer said...

I feel for you. My husband was gone (for work) for three months, starting when my little one was 5 months old. I have never known such exhaustion.

Everyone kept saying it gets easier. I would say that it does get less difficult. Hang in there.

Written Permission said...

Ugh -- hang in there. :( I hope you get to take a nap sometime today!

Ky • said...

Oh boy. I feel for you.

You should put that keyboard cat to work for you. Tell him to stop playing the keyboard and start helping with the ladies.

WTF. Cats are far too aloof...