Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The summer of fun is done.

I knew it had to happen soon. We couldn't loaf around the house together forever.

Louis took 9 weeks off when Athena was born, and that was pretty great. With my postpartum depression, I couldn't have lived without him. He did everything a doting mother would do. Had he been able to produce milk, well he would have breastfed too. That's just how he rolls as a dad.

Today, almost 5 months after Zofia was born, he went back to work. Almost 5 months that we got to hang out as a family all day every day. Yep. Louis took that much time off of work. We went to parks, we went to the zoo, and we sat around and did nothing. It was freaking awesome. He bonded with both of his daughters more than most get to and hung out with me.

I'm sitting here staring at the computer trying to think of the right words to use to describe my gratitude. There just aren't any. There is not another man on the planet that I would want to share baby duties with.

But you know what? I get the impression that our situation irritates people; at the very least they find it ridiculous. (I also wonder if people think I'm inept and that's why I make him stay home with me.)

Could it be jealousy? Could it be that they just don't understand our lifestyle? I don't know, but we've worked really hard to be able to do this. We live very modestly and I was a tyrant over our money leading up to Zofia's birth. This is more than likely our last baby and I wanted to make it so he could enjoy this whole family thing just as much as I can.

There is something to be said for very modest living.

Here's this past week in pictures as taken by Athena. (Photography is her new hobby.)
I will cherish this time we spend together forever.


Biscuit said...

well the haters can suck it, b/c if you CAN do what you guys did, you SHOULD. You'll never get the time back, and nothing is more important than spending it together. I'm just jealous b/c I wish I could, but I'm cool with living vicariously through y'all.

SassyTimes said...

How wonderful that your husband had the opportunity to stay home with you for so long. I'm sure none of you will ever forget that time together.

I think you shouldn't care what other people think of your situation. If anyone has negative comments to make toward your family, they just don't get it. People try to make assumptions of what goes on in a family (especially regarding money) and to me, THAT is just ridiculous.

Nadja said...

He's even had people accuse him of being lazy for not going to work. He got up every night for 5 months with Zofia. I don't see anything lazy there.

Written Permission said...

Firstly, I would smack anyone in the face for calling your husband lazy. I can't believe someone would say that. My jaw physically dropped when I read that.

I think what he did is AMAZING! And the fact that you planned for it as a family is just phenomenal. I...am kind of speechless right now, to be honest. Biscuit's right: If people CAN do this, they really SHOULD. Maybe five months isn't everyone's gig, but my boss took a month of paternity leave, which I thought was fabulous, and even THAT raised some eyebrows.

What the hell, people? Papas need to bond!

Bra-VO to both of you.

Jill Marie said...

Jealous.. YES! In a good way for me! I would love to have a husband that wanted to be with our children and me as much as Louis charishes you all! You see... what you have is rare and people on the outside looking in may not understand fully. You two had a hard time getting the family you always wanted and Louis more than anything wanted to be a daddy, and to him that is a job in itself! The other job makes money, but good planning allowed that job to wait in the wings while the job he loves took center stage!

I love Louis for being that Dad that he is. And I know that motherhood is something you live for!

TO EACH THEIR OWN! You can't help what other people feel or think. If you are doing whats right for your family than that is all that matters!

I miss you... can I come see you tomorrow?? 12:30ish?

Wendy said...

Awww, awesome! I didn't realize he had been home with you. That's just completely awesome! My husband is a teacher and we CHERISH his summer's off. I still have to work but he gets to spend his day's with his girls, and he loves it. Completely and totally loves it. And when he's home it takes pressure off me, which makes me operate more smoothly.

Three cheers for involved dads!!

Nadja said...

THANK you for all the love. It makes me very, very happy.

@Jill - We'll be home all day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!

Trophy Life said...

well, i think it's pretty awesome that you got to spend this time together. and, as is the case with everything, people usually judge most harshly when they are jealous. i think we should all do it OUR way and everyone else needs to keep their judgments to themselves. your kids are only young once, so i am glad you got to enjoy it together! kudos and bravo.

wrestling kitties said...

Seriously, screw those jealous people. How awesome Louis wanted to be home and the two of you found a way to do it. Seriously, that is beyond awesome and special. A time all 4 of you will never get back!

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

I remember when you two were contemplating Baby #2 and Louis said, "If I could have the baby for you, I would."

(This is about 30 minutes after he changed my then-newborn-Lila's diaper (or dy-pea, as he calls it) without me even ASKING.)

YOUR HUSBAND is an incredible daddy.

The haters are irrelevent.

Good for you for having that time. Those memories. And that family bonding.

Way to go, sista. (And brotha.)