Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hold me... but don't look at my hair

This whole thinning hair thing has really done a number on my self esteem. NO ONE but my doctor has seen my hair down in 4 years, so letting my stylist Jennifer see it had me about ready to pass out. (After it started thinning I was too embarrassed to let her see it, so I've just been chopping it myself with kitchen scissors and avoiding her.)

A couple days ago she sent out an email from her salon saying that she is starting to do Klix Hair Extensions and was running a deal. Could this be a non-chemical answer for me? I doubted it, but I emailed her anyway. Even though I've been avoiding her like the plague for years, she immediately got back to me and wanted to see if she could help. Could I come in for a consultation and let her see? ZOMG! LET HER SEE?? Surely she jests.

I asked my mom. Should I go? "YES!" she says. That lady is crazy, so I took to Twitter. Twitter besties, should I go? They too said "YES!"

So I went to my hair consultation with Jennifer at Pello Salon and Spa. She said my hair wasn't as bad as she was expecting (clearly she had been drinking) and put a trial extension clip on the side.
It looked awesome.
She said it would work.
I put down my deposit.
I'm getting a full head of extensions on Saturday.

Is this really going to happen? Is this really going to work? Isn't my hair just WAY too thin in the back to support extensions?

We shall see...