Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gentle Parenting Advice Needed

The buppy (pacifier).

I always use to be such a hard ass. No one EVER put baby in the corner. Then I had kids. Somehow these little crib monkeys have turned me into a quivering pushover doormat blob. I always thought that I would parent with an iron fist. My way or the highways, kiddos. So how is it that Athena has completely called the shots in regards to diapers, potties, pacifiers, and bottles? These four items seemed innocent enough, but they have been major thorns in my parenting side (not to mention a giant source of marital disagreements.

It took a SOLID 2 years to fully potty train Athena, she'll be 4 in a month and we JUST got her switched to sippy cups for milk, she still sleeps with me, and she still depends on her buppy. Since we just climbed the mountains of diapers and bottles, I feel like we should ease her into the whole "no buppies" thing so she doesn't regress in any other areas. Louis thinks we should cold-turkey her on it and just let her cry for a couple days. I think that's too harsh, but I doubt myself because I AM such a doormat.

The time has long come for the pacifier to go the way of the Dodo, but how? What say you?