Monday, September 26, 2011

"Get Well Soon" cards can be sent now...

Poor ladies. This weekend sucked and now Monday blows. Fifi started off the fun with her nose on full "Snot Faucet" setting. She had a fever all night and screamed off and on for 24 hours straight. This was made ever more fun when the next day Athena sneezed and out shot a snot rocket. Then it was Athena's turn for the fever, sore throat, horrible stomach pains, dry heaving bile, and 24 hour scream fest. Poor Athena is still retching and she is NOT enjoying Zofia's dramatic reenactments of it. (It is kind of funny though.) And to add insult to injury this morning, Athena is constipated from her lack of fluids.

She drew this. How sad and pathetic can you get :(

So please send healing thoughts and vibes our way! Wine o'clock can't get here soon enough.