Friday, January 20, 2012

do you guys miss me?

Are you in a panic thinking "zomg what am I going to put in my crock pot this week?" and "what in the world are Zofia and Athena doing right now?"

I know, I know. I'd be doing the same thing. I've been embarrassed to say but we've hurt another laptop. This time it was by Athena's hand. How can you get mad at your kid for frying a keyboard with water when you drowned a motherboard with coffee? It's in very capable hands and hopefully it will be home soon. For now I can only type out little messages on my phone. I won't be showing you what the screen of THAT looks like.


the corbett kid. said...

i'm enjoying your spring countdown. stay gold.

Sarah said...

Yes!!! I need to comiserate. Attia has started to climb all the things like Zofia.

Wendy said...

Your spring countdown made me LOL! We're going back into spring down here in SW Ohio tonight and this week as temps go back up!

wrestling kitties said...

yes, miss you

And we need to get you a computer that is wrapped up in plastic!! :)