Monday, October 15, 2012

My favorite political discussion I've ever had.

Athena and I were driving down the street the other day and we passed a building with a bunch of political signs.

Athena: "Hey! I know that sign! The blue and white one!"

Me: "Oh yeah? The one like ours? Obama?

Athena: "Nooooooo. Mitt Romney."

Me: "How do you know who Mitt Romney is?"

Athena: "Oh, I KNOW Mitt Romney."

Me: *snort* "Is that so?"

Athena: "Yes. I KNOOOOOOOW Mitt Romney."

Her dad is NOT going to be happy with who she's keeping time with.


yiayia said...

Oh my gosh....please rein her in...she's such a sponge...soaking up the wrong information!!! What a cute story!

Ky • said...


Wendy said...

My girls are ALL INTO the politics this year. They are learning it in school and they watched a bit of the first debate with us. It intrigues them that the two candidates are so different. Whenever a political ad comes on TV their little ears perk up and they watch attentively. Such little sponges these kids are!

Wrestling Kitties said...

hahaha! awesome